newsflash from Benny


first english booklet of 72 pages is printed in the Sultanate of Oman 

the original German story is currently being edited 

next book is in progress - this one is about Bennys adventures in NYC 


stay tuned

439 pages - waiting to be edited, printed and get 'outout' !

The book belongs to the genre comedy fable.

You'll find the words roller coaster and Benny in the book title.

curious to read what the Benny's story is all about?

sneak peek

m Haberlandt-Nevisi

e soy gang

a roller coaster

Benny &

The kit

you like to read my first booklet?

Just got it from the printer and it is a sneak peek of the 1000+ pages book which I am currently translating from German to English.


meet Benny!

January 4th 2022, 08:51 am

Muscat - Sultanate of Oman


Since Benny asked me to read this page out loud for him - I did not ask him why - I decided that you all should also be able to listen to it.

Needless to say that Benny has no clue about it! So, psssst!