that's me

Cycling is my meditation!

It all started 2014 in New York City and became an addiction since.


But let me beginn to tell my story at the very beginning.

My name is Susan.

Since 2011 I have been working as a reiki master and since 2018 also as a psychological counselor and coach. 

During my stay in New York City form 2013 to 2017, I have been working as a reiki master while, at the same time, working on establishing my fashion label in New York City and Los Angeles.

My life motto at this time was: it is always now!

In this city, which never sleeps and is always on the move and whose energy has to be dealt with, I noticed the following:

Every person seemed to be running away from something or always searching for something different. 

Daily life in NYC is moving at an extreme speed.

Confronted with all the huzzle and buzzle, the ideal state of mind should be clearly centered. Therefore I had made it my daily routine to cycle every morning at 6 am sharp on my racing bike for 30 km in Central Park. This ritual freed my mind and helped me mapping out my concept for the day.

At this early morning hours I saw groups of semi and professional road cyclists, the park was filled with joggers. Past 5th Avenue and the corner of 65th street, a group of asians met each morning to start their day with tai chi. 


In all that New York City chaos this was a stable and calm picture.

I would come home after my 30 km cycling exercise and start my day.

That is how my life motto was born: it is always now!


I even followed the same routine in Cape Town, where I have been 2020, from February till October.

Shorty after arrival the pandemic also hit South Africa and the county went into the first Lockdown.

No one was allowed to set foot on the street if it was not for grocery shopping or a visit to the doctors.

But, as soon as authorities granted the 6 to 9 am early morning exercise window to spent outdoors, there was no holding back.

I would grab my bicycle and spend time outdoors, one eye always on the watch not to miss the 9 am curfew.


To this day I follow the same morning routine.

Now I get up at 5 am, grab my bicycle and head out for an at least 50 km exercise tour during the week and 100 km on the weekends. 

Difference now is, that - since the covid pandemic - I have not been able to work as a reiki master or coach any longer since this requires personal meetings.  


So I decided to concentrate on street photography - which I was doing anyway every time I have been out cycling - and writing my first book, which has no direct connection with cycling and is more biographic and also a humorous fable.


So, enough about me!

Scroll, enjoy and keep on pedaling!