cycling -  street photography - writing


is what I do - almost every day.


street art photography

came along, while cycling - almost every day.



I did write my first book.


what started as an occasional ride along the Lake Shore Drive in Chicago became an addiction over the years. As a matter of fact it took me another 6 year until I got my very first road bike, a cannondale. I pushed my commuter, a fuji royale, in my soon to become NYC bike shop and the rest is history.

After a spontaneous test ride only around 2 blocks - the shop is on the upper west side- , I thought that this would be the bike for me.

That was summer 2014.

A winter cycling solution came in sight in autumn 2019.

A faster 2-wheel version joined the fleet in June 2021.

street art photography

As I have been cycling through Central Park every morning back in 2014 - I started in August, the most hot and humid month in New York - I paused regularly for some minutes to take in scenery and have a zip of my drink. Soon I began to take a picture of my surrounding just before I continued my ride. And so it began.

In New York City I took pictures of the turtle bay, the Guggenheim Museum or the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

In Berlin the street art caught my eyes.



May 2020 was the month in which I began to write my first book.

I was planning it for many years.

Sitting in look down in the Mother City - Cape Town - gave me just the right amount of push to get started.

One year and 439 pages later and my very first book is written.